Thomas Hanks

Life Biography of Thomas Hanks

California - USA

Tom Hanks is one of the powerful actors in Hollywood. Able to combine the immense popularity works profitable and some prestige. The salary of more than 20 million dollars and make sure that the movie appears to yield good ticket exchange material provide sufficient time to deal with the studios.

Hanks has no profile heartthrob, who began his career since he played common types, with weaknesses and anxieties easier to identify than those existing in heroes. He specializes in guys, handsome or not super powered, but those who hold the public because they seem very real, can be found at the supermarket or the neighborhood. For him, there is difficult character, but good or bad roles. And he knows exactly which to choose. Tom Hanks is the kind of actor who is prepared to play any character

Hanks's debut film was in 1980, the long trail of bodies . No impact on the industry, the solution found by the actor to keep acting career was in television series. Among these are Happy Days and The Love Boat . He also appeared in some editions of Saturday Night Live program, which revealed many talented comic actors.

Hanks stood out on the big screen when she appeared in the comedy I Want To Be Great , 1988. On its face, got an Oscar nomination and won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy. The ease with which he played funny types could be seen in two other productions performed in the following year: Neighbours are a Terror and Double A Almost Perfect .

It was the early 90's when Tom Hanks changed the image that it had both the studio and in the public mind. The prestige and recognition came to Philadelphia in 1993. The drama was about a homosexual victim of HIV lawyer who was fired from work so discovered his illness. The film provoked a debate on prejudice both in relation to sexual orientation as in referring to the disease, which was still unknown to most people. The actor won his first Oscar that year.

The 90 was also time to new projects, with the beginning of a promising career as a director ( The Wonders - The Dream is not Finished , 1996) and producer (miniseries From the Earth to the Moon , 1998).

In 1994 came another prize. Forrest Gump - The Storyteller pleased in full to the Academy and Hollywood Hanks has become, along with Spencer Tracey, the only other actor to win the statuette in two consecutive years. After that, his prestige was consolidated. The itineraries, carefully chosen, have earned him two more Academy Award nominations: Saving Private Ryan(1989) and Cast Away (2000).

But not only the good guys live Hanks. In 2004, the actor embodied with merit, and entitled to a goatee, a self-ironic intellectual leader of criminals half-bowl in the Old Ladies Killer . He had already debuted as a villain - and good family man - in Road to Perdition , 2002.

The film starring Tom Hanks become almost always extremely popular. It is difficult for them to be box-office fiasco. His career has some stability, even when no invoice million. And the productions of success may vary according to the versatility of the actor;Message to You , for example, is one of romantic comedies the most successful in Hollywood today.
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