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Life Biography of Adrian Suar

Adrian was born on March 25, 1968, in Queens, New York, and lived there until 1970. He never doubted he wanted to be an actor.From an early age showed a clear and strong artistic bent. At 13 he was introduced to a cast on channel 9 and got his first role in 'The father of Sundays, "opposite William and Nora Bredeston Cárpena. Since then, Adrian did not stop working, making it one of the actors of his generation with more staying in the TV screens. In fact his first major role in the teen drama remembered 'whisker' came when he was 15. And by then had already participated in 'An alley in the clouds' with Jorge Mayorano, and the novel 'John, no name'. He also participated in successful unit as' Forever Friends', with the group Menudo, "So are mine ';' We and the other ', with Silvia Montanari and Rodolfo Bebán and' De carne somos' with Guillermo Francella. Later, he was summoned to participate in 'La Banda del Golden Rocket', the hit teen series that lasted for two seasons on the screen of channel 13. His career took a turn after starring alongside Alberto Martin 'Kind'. At just 26 years, Adrian was involved in the production field to give vent to his own project.

In 1994, he recorded the first chapters of 'Poliladron (a love story)', and created with his partner Fernando Blanco producer Pol-Ka. 'Poliladron', became a product that revolutionized the genre police and marked a before and after in terms of special effects and television production in Argentina.Then came hits like "Truth Consequence 'which won the International Award for Best Program Waves, granted in Spain. I joined other programs such as 'Carola Casini' and 'RRDT' where Carlos Calvo played the manager of a top team B. His subsequent work as a producer included: 'Gasoleros' and 'Champions' neighborhood where stories moved to the screen and revolutionized the form and content of the daily strips, as also happened with 'Firsts', which revealed the experiences of a group journalists in their personal and professional struggles.'Vulnerable', who also directed, was recreated weekly program that the intimacy of a therapy group and its members. In film, debuted with Carlos Calvo in the movie 'Wild' and made ​​it clear that Argentina can make good action movies. With the film 'Cohen v. Rossi' and 'The dinner of fools', who starred with William work Franchella, proved to be a great comedian, and 'By the Name of God', the miniseries that starred alongside Alfredo Alcon, there is room for science fiction on television in Argentina.

In 2000, she starred in movies with Andrea del Boca, an excellent romantic comedy 'Appearances', and in 2001 launched three television programs of high quality, 'The Soda of my Life', 'Illusions' and 'Guilty' without neglecting the film and premiering two films: 'The Son of the Bride' (nominated for an Oscar) and "Let her Running 'where he also handled the art direction. As if this were not enough Adrian Suar acting again ended the year in '22 police series, The Fool '. Up in 2002 attended the Oscars ceremony in Hollywood with Ricardo Darin and Juan Jose Campanella received the nomination for the movie of your company. In 2003 he returned to acting in the film 'The Day I Love' alongside actress Jennifer Brédice and found that it is a dramatic actor. On the other hand, never stopped tv programs, continued to emerge as a successful unit strip and 'Son Amores',  Soy Gitano', 'Retirement', 'Father Courage', 'Crazy Love', 'Men of Honor' 'Boots' and 'Killer Women'. In 2004 there was Campanella's new film 'Luna de Avellaneda "also debuted as a film director in the film '18-J' where he led one of the 10 short that contains the film. To continue to demonstrate their power ended the year performing in 'No Code' a hard police the following year he became crazy comedy to make it clear that shits of laughter from all. This series along with "La Noche del 10 ', his other big bet 2005, he returned success to channel 13 in a year that had begun this Photo Models.
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