Ricardo Arjona

Life Biography of Ricardo Arjona

Ricardo Arjona was born on January 19, 1964 in Antigua, Guatemala, and moved to Guatemala City at 3 years of age. His love of music began very early age. At eight years old and could play the guitar and, throughout his time as a student, Ricardo Arjona combined the subjects with the music, with better results in the latter than the former. For most, turned out to be a very rebellious child. At 21 he produced his first album: Let Me Say That I Love You, a job that apparently did not please the author. For five years, Richard decided to abandon music and devote himself to teaching, teaching children with limited resources which he also learned of life and survival. While studying Communication Sciences, specializing in Advertising. Big fan, too, sports, excelled at playing basketball, which was part of the National Team of Guatemala and even today retains the record player has achieved the most points in one game.
 Although the music had last to second in their occupations, one day he was offered the opportunity to record an album. The final product did not seem very satisfactory and tried again, with acceptable results in SOS Rescue me, which already liked the style and musical trends of Arjona. His next album, Jesus: Word Not Noun, was the final revelation of Ricardo Arjona as a composer and performer in Latin America and the United States. The theme was permanciĆ³ title track for months at number one on the charts of all Central American countries. Being the biggest selling album in history in the countries of this region.The next stage in the artist's career would take place in Mexico. They moved to compose the main theme of Achieving a Star, a highly successful telenovela that became known to Ricardo Arjona internationally, both as composer and performer, but also as an actor. In that country, achieved several major successes, both as performer and composer, as the woman who dreamed and Only Woman. The album, Animal Nocturno, was his first work for Sony Music and the definitive consolidation of one of Ricardo Arjona valuable new and interesting artists of recent years. Author of all the tracks on the album, Arjona achieved success after success with the singles from the album. Women, Self, First Time, Dance With Me ... were some of the most internationally successful titles, and the album went Gold and Platinum in many countries including the United States. His next album, Stories, was a memorable work in which the genius of Ricardo Arjona, as a composer and performer blossomed. The album reached 2 million copies sold and, among others, contained the topics Lady of the 4 decades and I know you. If the North Outside the South continued the line of his predecessor with the same impact on the public. Topics such as the title of the album, along with Your Reputation and she and he helped bring to Ricardo Arjona among the most respected and admired artists of the continent. Their album No damage to third Arjona brings us back to admire all, sincere, courageous and committed to its time, its environment and, of course, with their music and their audience. For your next job, Arjona went to the Caribbean, took clothing to their songs, and dressed in drums, partying, syncope and melancholy. The most important artist in Latin America with more than 6,000,000 records sold, presents his work Gallery Caribbean. With the collaboration of Cuco PeƱa, Grammy-winning musician par excellence and have been together more than 8 songs for this project. It also highlights the likes of Sergio George, the group Guaco, trumpet Arturo Sandoval universal or drums Giovanny Hidalgo. In November 2002 released its seventh album, Holy Sin. including topics such as The Problem, Holy Sin, Baby and The Green hurts. The disc comes with a DVD with some statements of the singer.
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