Resident Evil 3: Nemesis free download PC Game

The third installment in the Resident Evil Series, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (known as Biohazard 3:Last Escape) was released in September 1999. Besides being the first in the series to feature a subtitle, few things were changed in the formula for RE3.

The first, most obvious change was that only 1 character was selectable. Unlike the previous two games, you could only see the story from the perspective of Jill Valenine. Second was the addition of the 180 spin. While this seems like a minor change, it vastly changed game play. It allows the player to more quickly react to the world around them, to quickly change directions instead of turning slowly around. This was huge, and is found in the rest of the series. Also, gunpowder was added. The Resident Evil series has been known for its abundance of weapons, and limited ammo. Adding gunpowder instead of just bullets gave the game another layer of complexity. Combining items has been around since the first Resident Evil, yet never had the player needed to create their own ammo. In fact, the ammo for arguably the best gun in the game could only be made by the player, assuming that they had been crafty enough to discover how to create it, and wise enough to save enough gunpowder. Resdent Evil 3 saw the first Quick Time Events for the series, in which the player needed to make split second decisions to either avoid or incur encounters with enemies; most notably Nemesis, featured in the title of the game. Finally, the last addition to the series was a more interactive environment. Oil barrels, crates, and the like were placed in strategic points throughout the game allowing the player to save ammo, or waste it depending on the situation.
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