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Julia Roberts
His full name is Julia Fiona Roberts. Born in Smyrna, a small town northwest of Atlanta in the southern U.S. state of Georgia.

There, from very small, was in charge of caring for all animals that had his family. She even wanted to be a veterinarian, but could not be, "I realized I hated science, and the idea of ​​opening and touching the entrails of an animal made me sick."

Julia's father, Walter, was a salesman and his mother, Betty, worked in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta. In addition, blood was running through the veins of interpretation of the couple.In fact, they tried to carve out a niche in show business, but were not very successful. In 1955 several military bases were touring with the play "George Washington slept here '.

Who knows if the artistic talent inherited from parents the children.From what is clear is that both Julia and her other two brothers, Eric and Lisa, chose to engage in cinema. Julia Roberts also has a sister, Nancy.
Walter and Betty divorced when Julia had only four years. In the village itself were Julia and her older sister, Lisa.
With his father, Julia maintained a very close relationship that only Walter's death (from cancer in 1976), was able to break. Julia, who was then nine years, this loss affected him greatly: "It altered my life philosophy." Also the same Julia Roberts, because of a meningitis, hovered between life and death.

Julia Roberts attended primary school Fitzhugh and finished his studies at the Institute of Campbell, Smyrna.Then, with 17 years now, went to live with his sister Lisa to New York. He began his person to take shape in the world of acting, while not attending classes too: "I consider myself self-taught," he said.
Also in this precarious stage moonlighting began to form part of his life, was a waitress at a pizza parlor, babysitting, clerk at a boutique ...

Fortunately, thanks to his brother Eric, eleven years her senior and then prestigious actor and film director, won a role in 'Blood red'. Both Eric and Julia can see them act together in this film. Earlier, in 1987, Julia Roberts had appeared unnoticed in 'Firehouse', where he was offered a very small role.
And in 1988, Satisfaction, Baja Oklahoma, and Fiori d'Acciaio witnessed its good performance for the cameras .

'Mystic Pizza 'Julia brought his first success and thanks to "Steel Magnolias", 1989, was nominated for an Oscar for the first time. There intervened, along with actresses Shirley MacLaine and consecrated as Dolly Parton, and more young people like Daryl Hannah.

But it would be 'Pretty Woman', directed by Garry Marshall, the film that would bring him popularity in 1990, when the bubbles of a bath hugged her long legs · Richard Gere in Pretty Woman ·. That movie made ​​her a superstar. Although Mystic Pizza · ·, where Portuguese was a waitress in a small restaurant
In "Sleeping with the enemy," whose address was given by Joseph Ruben, discovers the two faces of Kevin Anderson. And in "Dying Young" falls exhausted into the arms of a terminally ill person who cares.
 , and was half American critics in his pocket.

'Pretty Woman' a beloved film and commercial tells the love story between a rich business man and a prostitute with a big heart. In the U.S. alone raised more than $ 140 million.

The couple sharing Julia was the then unknown Richard Gere himself. They became one of the most attractive couples and Hollywood blockbusters.

Julia RobertsFor his role in 'Pretty Woman', Julia was nominated in 1991 for an Oscar for Best Actress, but instead obtained, thanks to voting viewers, the 'Movie Award' for best comic actress and the 'People's Choice'.The global celebrity and had knocked on his door. As co-starred with her ​​then boyfriend Kiefer Sutherland (son of actor Donald Sutherland), roll after a thriller directed by Joel Schumacher that was the boundary between life and death 'Flatliners'. For this work came the Movie Award for Best Dramatic Artist.

Much less dramatic is the role of Tinkerbell in 'Hook', directed by Steven Spielberg and cast where he shares with Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams.

1992 was the year of the insipid 'The Player', we met in our country as "The Player". Here, the interpretation of Julia Roberts went unnoticed, was torn between the beer and Limona but had no significance. However, given the opportunity to meet Julia to singer Lyle Lovett ugly, who would later become her husband.

Julia Roberts became a law student's hand-Pakula and co-starred with Dezel Washington in "The Pelican Brief," which uncovers the murder of several Supreme Court justices at the hands of influential men of the U.S. Government . Left the audience speechless by his performance, which earned him the 1994 People's Choice Award for Best Actress in a Drama

And in the romantic comedy "I Love Trouble" (I love trouble) gets into the skin of an intrepid journalist and novel in order to get that news to be able to face the columnist himself, Nick Nolte.

Our actress enters, along with Sophia Loren, Kim Basinger, Marcello Mastroianni and Tim Robbins in the swamps of the most unexpected fashion ... in PrĂȘt a porter, a film by Robert Altman.

Already in Notting Hill, and having as distribution partner Hugh Grant plays the world's most famous star. To a 'star' as famous as her.

Julia Roberts
In the family drama "Stepmom", Julia is a luxury tandem Susan Sarandon: "Susan Sarandon and I are close friends. We work hard during pre-production. But suddenly, on the set I said it was not my friend Susan but that formidable Oscar-winning actress. I swallowed hard and decided to try to impress her. "Stresses Julia.

But also an actress, Julia Roberts is the producer of this film: "It is a story that speaks to the hearts of all who see it, because the suffering and pain are always in our lives: divorce, parents who do not understand, the disease ... I found that I have much more patience than I thought I had. The producer is a terribly tedious "he says.

At 31 years, and 9 after "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts is the highest paid actress in Hollywood (took no more and no less than 2500 million for "Runaway Bride"), but says feel real disinterest in money .

For what the public felt a special interest was to get back together to see Julia Roberts and Richard Gere on the big screen. And finally succeeded. "Runaway Bride" made possible the meeting: "Richard Gere and I are old friends. We have been looking for a long time something really good on what to work together again. "

But, at least for this writer, Pretty Woman left the pavilion significantly higher than Runaway Bride did.Well, some people think they just for the reunion was worth it.

Currently Julia Roberts recognizes a quiet life, balanced and with great harmony.
However, her love life could be described as busy. To have come to dub "Joan Casanova". Indeed, big eyes, plant and not without sympathy for Julia to conquer the best of them. It is irresistibly interesting. A modern superstar. And, as anecdotal data, higher than most men he has left.

In June 1993, took place in Marion, Indiana-his link with the country musician Lyle Lovett. But in March 1995 they divorced. Today, maintained a good friendship "between Lyle and I have been a wonderful friendship that will last forever. Lyle is my best friend in the world, "exclaims the actress.

Julia has never given much thought to what others say about it, if very amorous ...: "Personally, I know most things in life. Is the area in which I lived more changes and I've managed to optimize the negative. Participating is my personal philosophy. I accept the bad things as good. And no one knows my real intimacy, "he says. On the set of The Mexican film of the camera fall in love with Danny Moder, breaking his relationship with Bratt. Danny and Julia were married in July 2002. On Sunday November 28, 2004 Julia Roberts was in Los Angeles to twins Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia.

Who would say this actress smile and sparkling eyes that years later would play "Runaway Bride" with Richard Gere.

But what has really been news lately the actress, whose cache is valued at 3500 million per film, is his latest work, 'Erin Brockovich'.
Precisely because the film 'Erin Brockovich', Julia Roberts was nominated for an Oscar. Shortly before the awards ceremony of the most coveted golden statuette actors, Julia went with his inseparable Benjamin Bratt to a party in his honor offered him by the American Museum of Cinema in New York. Approached the big day and the best female performance of the year was hard fought and very close, and would not wait ...

They were also Oscar-nominated actresses Joan Allen for "The Cothender ', Juliette Binoche, of' Chocolat ', Ellen Burnstyn for' Requiem for a Dream 'and Laura Linney,' You can count on me '.
Finally, the famous star of 'Pretty Woman' took the award for Best Actress for her performance in 'Erin Brockovich'. It was time, as the Oscar seemed always touch the great diva of film and finally passed by. Fortunately, this year at the end fell into Julia Roberts's hands.
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