Joseph Pilates

Life Biography of Joseph Pilates

Joseph Pilates was born in 1880 in Germany. His childhood was sickly and difficult, suffering from asthma and rheumatic fever, which put limits on their ability at a young age. Despite this condition, or perhaps the same, dedicated himself completely to study the human body and techniques existing rehabilitation at that time to develop strategies that would achieve optimal health status, integral and harmonious. The limitations of the knowledge of the time, it formed the young Joseph Pilates who continued to seek new and better options to heal the body. It was then that he began to investigate the oriental disciplines, not common in the West. From the variety of ancient techniques that came from China, India or Japan, it was decided by Joseph Pilates Yoga, and rescued the most positive elements of other disciplines such as gymnastics, boxing and swimming. After many years of study and a selective process of elimination, Joseph Pilates began to evolve his own method. But came the First World War, and had recruited in the army of his country.

Later it would be a prisoner of war. This period, however, was of great help to Joseph Pilates who began to apply its techniques in their field partners and work with sick of war. Using springs subject to the beds, organized the systematic exercise of the muscles, so that they could recover muscle tone before returning to his feet. These difficult moments of his life, would be helpful to develop a method that made ​​him famous in the world. After the war, he moved to America and once installed in New York began teaching its method to a select group of students composed mostly of famous athletes and prestigious dancers as Balanchine and Martha Graham. The Joseph Pilates Method , originally called by its creator "Contrology", points to the use made ​​of the mind to control muscles and focuses primarily in the correct position of the muscles that help hold the body balanced, in particular, the alignment of the spine and the strength of the back muscles to help relieve and prevent back pain. Joseph Pilates died in 1967 without appointing successor . His studio was in charge of one of his students and others were opening their own studios popularized the method of his teacher precursor.

Currently, the German pioneer this technique is widespread throughout the world and is widely accepted by movement such as professional athletes or dancers, and all those people who find surprising results in the modification of the body through The Joseph Pilates Method exercise.
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