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Alejandro Amenabar(Santiago, Chile, 1972) Spanish filmmaker. though Alejandro Amenábar was born on March thirty one, 1972 within the Chilean capital, solely lived in his hometown till August next year, when his oldsters, 2 weeks before the coup of Augusto Pinochet, determined to emigrate to Spain and settled in Madrid.

With the previous year and a [*fr1] I had to depart Chile, information of their land had to be fashioned through the references, the accent and manners of their elders. These and alternative indications of their identity, that claimed a lot of definitive forms in his later travel to Chile to gift his films, created kept his twin citizenship, however, and reported feeling Spanish. And though it looks unlikely to form political films, given the fashion of his films, doesn't rule out shooting within the future a movie concerning those terrible events that modified the history of his country on September eleven, 1973.

Passionate about the pictures, instead of the playground, the kid Amenábar occupied his free time between videotape. He saw dozens of times your favorite movie, 2001: an area Odyssey (1968), Kubrick, that surely links to some co-generation, though in his case there was a twist: for Amenábar, the pictures were inseparable from the music background.

An appreciation that keen on the soundtracks, it became a collector and later directed him to musical composition and therefore the conviction that, if it weren't a filmmaker, would be a musician. In fact, with its Macintosh, a multi-track sequencer, a keyboard, a mixer and numerous synthesizers has composed the music not solely of all his films however additionally on no one is aware of anybody , his friend Mateo Gil, and therefore the language of the butterflies , Jose Luis Rope.

Thriller school completion

In 1990 he began his studies of sound and image within the college of data Sciences at the Complutense University, however even then he was urged to launch its 1st comes as director, and did thus on pain of losing quite a number of categories . When nearly touched graduation, dropped out as a result of a thriller: the topic was simply realization.

By then he had shot his 1st short films, that not solely served as director, however additionally as author, star, author of the soundtrack and editor: Head (1991), that won the primary prize of the Association of freelance Filmmakers Amateurs (AICA), and Hymenoptera (1992), whose projection within the pageant of Elche sparked praise from Bigas Luna and therefore the interest of another director, Jose Luis Cuerda, who thereafter acted as patron of the young filmmaker.

Rope was the producer of succeeding short film, shot and with larger technical resources and thirty five mm, Moon (1995), with that Amenábar initiated a observe common to all or any his later work: the composition of the soundtrack. The film foreshadowed his love of genre films and talent as a storyteller who determined to rope to finance his 1st feature film.

With solely twenty-three, a team of young actors previously unknown (except for the protagonist, Ana Torrent), headed by the famous later Fele Martinez and Eduardo Noriega, and with a modest budget however well used, conducted Thesis (1996 ), that additionally had a quick role fitted along with his "Godfather" film, in a very perverse character impressed by the teacher who suspended him in realization.

This debut showing his mastery of intrigue in a very subject thus morbid and macabre because the snuff movies (filming murders sham), and despite its excessive length and a bizarre twist, when filing out of competition at the pageant Berlin in 1996 began a slow however sturdy business career that became the massive hit Spanish cinema, with an audience near 1,000,000 spectators. Contributed to the present eight nominations for the Goya Awards given by the Academy of movie Arts and Sciences, of that won seven, together with the foremost necessary, because the best film and best new director.

Open your eyes and Others , confirmation

It was time that the tandem-Rope Amenábar place to figure for the conclusion of a second film, Open Your Eyes (1997), a movie far more readily obtainable budget and larger ambition, treatment nearer to science fiction to psychological thriller with a shocking style and production.

The enigmatic atmosphere of this film fascinated the actor and producer Tom Cruise , who bought the rights to provide and star in a very remake that instructed the director Cameron Crowe. The result, Vanilla Sky (2001), failed to meet the expectations and therefore the reviews were thus adverse as discreet business career on each side of the ocean. in contrast, the first Amenábar, solely in Spain, was double the proceeds from his debut, similarly as function a launching pad international exhibition within the Berlin and Sundance festivals, where he had occasion to get the actor .

In alternative (2001), filmed with a budget of quite twenty one million, in distinction to the on top of, history isn't articulated within the ingenuity of the result, however the voltage generated and dosed throughout the film. Eerie ghost story that almost all terrifying, expertly keeps his double reading from begin to complete, and simple identification Hitchcock in look and composition of the character of Grace (Nicole Kidman), as an imitation of Grace Kelly to guide Hitchcock changing into even clear homage to the "master of suspense ', and maybe lost decisively to the a lot of direct approach to the atmosphere and therefore the plot of The flip of the Screw by Henry James.

The other , with British actors, Australian star Nicole Kidman, Spanish club and shot in English in a very mansion set Cantabrian located on the island of Jersey, was the primary case within the Spanish business in a very co-production of those options. This resulted in favor of the film, thought of yank within the U.S. and Spanish in Spain with revenues that exceeded, respectively, $ one hundred million and twenty million euros within the 1st eight weeks of exhibition.

In this sense, the director doesn't ignore the influences, a minimum of in regard to his 3 favorite filmmakers, and wins not solely the stylistic level, however how every of them there was the film " within the case of Hitchcock, is directly associated with the suspense, within the case of Kubrick, with the look for larger simplicity and a lot of correct read of counting when one thing, and within the case of Spielberg, is placed within the viewer's position and makes the film that he would love to ascertain. "

Judging by the success, Amenábar looks to own found the correct doses of those premises. when the spectacular trade route through the rooms of [*fr1] the planet, the opposite was the massive winner at the ceremony of delivery of the Goya 2002, with eight awards, together with those awarded for Best Film, Best Original Screenplay and Best Director . A director who isn't any longer the wunderkind of Spanish cinema to become, at thirty years, a outstanding name among sensible|the nice} good filmmakers on the international scene.

Sea Inside , the Oscar

Amenabar in 2004 gave a brand new twist to its production with a title that meant an approach to death (present in all his films from either perspective) of a totally completely different approach. In September of that year presented to the press ocean within , a movie that tells the story of Ramon Sampedro, the quadriplegic Galician ended his life with the assistance of some folks shut in 1998 when spending confined to bed by an accident over thirty years.

The role of Sampedro, brilliantly played by Javier Bardem, similarly as all the actors within the film, was highly praised by critics. The film of nice emotional intensity, was chosen to represent Spain within the race for Hollywood's Oscars and has served to require up a topic as controversial as euthanasia in Spain. Amenabar additionally won the Special Jury Prize of the Venice Film pageant, the award for best director at the eu Film Awards, held in December of that year in Barcelona, ​​and the Golden Globe for best foreign film.

All these predictions were enshrined within the nineteenth edition of the Goya Awards, where the film won a record fourteen statuettes, winning fourteen of the fifteen classes within which it absolutely was nominated. He was additionally awarded in February 2004 with the yank freelance film award, the Spirit Awards, Best Foreign Film. however not till February 2005 when the film received the last word accolade and were to become one in every of the foremost honored films of Spanish cinema, when winning the Oscar for best foreign language film.
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